Integral Reinforcement: a new approach to disease
Far from disdaining any help, support or collaboration, it seems to be interesting to embrace any option, advice or tool that allows us to cope our disease, and also our whole existence, from a different point of view as positive as possible. Fortunately, we have a very significant opportunity that rests on the foundations of what we call 'integral reinforcement'.
The latest trends argue that, whether we like it or not, body and mind are inseparable. As for disease, we must not consider symptoms our enemies (no matter how painful they can be) but the partners of us that tell us that something may be  going wrong in our life. It is probably hard but necessary to keep silent and quiet so as to listen to them, because body is always right. A revolutionary approach,
no doubt, so we should bring out the best from it, because fortunately we have some clues.

Many advances have been made in medicine lately: e.g. endocrinology only a few years ago. Nowadays we are going deep into somatic medicine. It is only a matter of time that skeptics accept most of the new scientific evidences which are to come so soon.


Lately many experts defend that diseases have two main causes:


-         genetic heritage

-         environmental factors and our life daily habits


The most surprising thing is that genetic influence only represents 25%. Besides, this influence comes in two ways: our brain influences on our conduct; but our thoughts, feelings and actions influence on our brain as well (especially at structural or neuronal level).


It's also known nowadays that brain is extremely plastic. Every single day, at every single moment, we modify our brain throughout the thoughts that we have. In fact, each individual thought has its own energy frequency which establishes particular neuronal connections that change our body.


Regarding movement disorders, our body reveals that we do not have so much control over ourselves as we wrongly feel, not only from the inside out, but the opposite too.







Control and self-confidence are inseparable; that´s why the first thing is accepting the real situation: accepting that we have limitations, accepting we are not perfect. All of this will help us a lot: from this point, if we eliminate appearances and we build ourselves based on the truth, whatever it is, we´ll be able to create strong foundations; from here, it´ll be possible for confidence  to grow; not only confidence in ourselves, but also in life.


Two main topics are to be dealt:


-        Disease and its healing, through a body-mind approach.

-        Personal growth, by tackling all the problems that humans have to cope with in life: love, conflict, loneliness,...



And these are the main intentions:


-         Establishing a union between scientific investigation and alternative and spiritual techniques.

-         Offering support and orientation to every people (usually by email) not only in disease areas, but also in personal growth.

-         Providing people with a space where to share their personal experiences related to disease or healing, and also their pathway to personal growth.