Some 'duties'

Talking about duties can be really an easy thing from a theoretical point of view. The fact of assuming responsibilities seems much more complicated, specially in the moments you can hardly move on. As a patient of TD I have had these feelings plenty of times, and I have had to face up to a series of duties, often circumstancial duties, that have been continuously changing depending on the moment and my physical and psychological condition.

As a human being I suppose I should above all think of the importance of taking care of me myself and my closest people, considering later other duties that depend on my own idea of life and relationships. Thatís the reason I would like to share in few words some of these 'duties' I have recently decided to take up. This kind of attitude may be used as a reference and serve anybody well.


Some months ago  I decided I should collaborate with science as much as possible because of the different research lines there exist about TD, a so really strange disorder needed of volunteers.

Nowadays I am brain donor (for the Tissue Bank for Neurogical Research - Faculty of Medicine in Madrid  Complutense University).


Besides, being myself a DYT1 mutated gene carrier I have offered to collaborate in every genetic study my case could  be useful for (DYT1 genetic inheritance research, European Genoma Bank, and so on).


On the other hand, the making of this web page is kind of a 'duty' I have developed on the purpose of sharing my point of view  and experience with dystonia and collaborating with every association or helping group which can find it interesting or helpful.


Finally, being father of a little son who might also have a mutation in his DYT1 gene (and a potential patient of dystonia), I feel committed to watch him carefully while growing, and help him in his education in the most natural way possible. Other kind of treatment say more 'protective' would not surely benefit him.