Living with pain

Patients of TD know the only solution to their lack of skill is, or will definitely be, the use of strength for the most common acts. And they do know because they have to deal with it, and then muscular and articulations pain become just the immediate step. Unfortunately these symptoms usually come forward as time goes by and the evolution itself of this disorder. 

My case is relatively benign, or at least it's just what I want to believe. It has reached both my legs and arms and influenced very soon and grievously my fine skill with hands (I was born right-handed but I've had to kind of become left-handed) and my funny way of walking. Currently I live with these symptoms and others as lumbar spondylosis, scoliosis, synovitis over my left hand metatarsals - maybe something similar in my left elbow - and tendinitis or spontaneous myalgia which very often changes from a part of my body to another.

To sum up, it can be said I have been living within pain for ages, with a different intensity depending on the body area, the moment, the date or the season. So,  you can imagine, I am actually used to this kind of life. In fact, I rarely have analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs, except when pain goes right through a threshold hard to bear.

When do I feel better? Can I do anything? What exactly? This is my own experience:

I strongly believe the importance of appreciating each one's limitations must not be exclusive of ill people. However, although the symptoms of your dystonia mark some way the limits you shouldn't go beyond, I must say a moderate practice of sports has always provided me more benefits and welfare than the effort previously made, also in the psychological area. So I must admit I have suffered more intensely the dystonia during the most sedentary periods of my life.

This way, it's in those periods I have had an extra energy, but keeping always every precaution and protection, that I have played any sport (tennis, football, etc.), ridden my bike (also at home) or done any gymnastic exercises, even overcoming (only sometimes) records many healthy people would like to reach. In fact, due to doing physical exercises and sports I have got to diminish my tendinitis and pain episodes, although it is true I usually pay for this kind of excesses more than other people do (maybe it is crazy although I donít care too much) but I see them as personal challenges.

By the way, lifting some weight up in a moderate and constant way (I use a couple of 2 kgs. weights in heats of 20-25 times, no more than 5 or 6 times a day having a rest between both heats) helps me to relieve pain in both my arms, one of my main weaknesses these last years.

Summarizing I can say my experience has taught me the strategy of doing exercise and moving the body quite frequently has become one of my best allies in physical and psychological terms.