Special thanks

 I would like to thank some people for their help, motivation and understanding.

 In first place to my relatives and friends. I know I very often don’t dedicate them, and I should, a large amount of the time that belongs absolutely to them.

In second place, and very specially, to Dr. José Ángel Obeso (CIMA - Clínica Universitaria - Universidad de Navarra), the neurologist who managed to diagnose my disorder in the first 80's, a very complicated task though, and showed me the way and the keys to move on through a situation I had to consider as normal and acceptable as possible. In fact, the background of this web page brings the heart of his message.

I'd also like to mention Dr. Burguera (Neurology Service - Hospital La Fe) and Dr. Millán (Unit of Genetics - Hospital La Fe). Both of them have pushed me to face a new phase of my torsion dystonia as it is described in this webspace.  

I also want  to thank very much some good friends of mine. My soulmate Vicente F. who has helped me very closely with the English version. And of course, my sincere gratitude to my very special mate Luis Ramón Casaus for his positive attitude and predisposition about physiotherapist treatments on dystonia and other movement disorders.

 Finally, let me thank every one who takes this page and the related blog as a useful platform not only for themselves but, very specially, for other people around them to offer some help. 

 Thanks very much to all of you.

 Fernando Hernández